New Scheduling Options

We’ve updated the way we offer our treatment rooms. Reserved Blocks are a great option for practitioners who want to see clients at fixed, recurring times. Open Schedule hours are great for practitioners just getting started, who have a lighter or less regular client load.  Something for everyone!

Reserved Blocks

Clock faces showing reserved block time periodsReserve a specific treatment room in fixed increments of 3 hours 45 minutes, on the same day each week (8:45 am – 12:30 pm, 1:00 pm – 4:45 pm, or 5:15pm – 9pm).

Each block will give you at least 15 hours of treatment time per month* at the same time each week. For example, the Thursday afternoon block will allow you to use the room every Thursday from 1:00pm – 4:45pm. Of course, you aren’t limited to only one block – if you have more clients to see, you can reserve multiple blocks.

*Some months, you’ll get an extra 3:45, if there are five of your block days in that month.

Reserved Block Pricing

Reserved Blocks PurchasedMinimum hours of use per month
(some months include a 5th block day)
Monthly CostAdditional hours
1 block15 hours$150$12.00/hour
2 blocks30 hours$275$10.00/hour
3 blocks45 hours$400$9.00/hour
4 blocks60 hours$500$9.00/hour
After 4 blocks, additional Reserved Blocks cost $125/month each, and additional hours are $8.50/hour.
Unused hours do not roll forward to future months.

Open Schedule

Clock face showing open scheduled hours

Purchase a fixed number of hours for use in a month, which you can schedule in any available room as needed.  Are your clients more fluid, tending to schedule with you as needed rather than planning in advance?  Open Schedule might be a great fit for you.

Open Schedule Pricing

Open Schedule Hours PurchasedMonthly CostAdditional hours
5 hours/month$120$22.00/hour
10 hours/month$200$18.50/hour
15 hours/month$250$15.00/hour
25 hours/month$350$12.50/hour
Unused hours do not roll forward to future months.


Take a look at everything that’s included when you use our treatment rooms. We’ve priced these rooms competitively to help massage therapists and acupuncturists, as well as other types of holistic healers, shape their practices for flexibility and growth.  Looking to open a satellite office in a new area, but don’t want to take on the overhead of a full or half-time workspace? Thinking you’d like to consolidate your work schedule to have more time available for the other important aspects of your life? Shared workspaces are a great answer to these desires, and we’re on board to help you achieve them.

Licensing and Insurance Requirements

We require you to have a California state license for your profession, and to obtain liability insurance and a Contra Costa County business licence. (Note to CMTs: Contra Costa County requires only a California State Massage license – no additional exams or permits are required.)

Check out what’s currently available (select from the top menu), or contact us today to see the rooms in person – 925-788-3595 or