Our treatment rooms are available in increments of six hours/week (9am – 3pm, or 3pm – 9pm on any particular day). Each time block, or shift, will give you at least 24 hours a month of treatment time at the same time each week. For example, the Thursday afternoon shift will allow you to use the room every Thursday from 3pm – 9pm. Of course, you aren’t limited to only one shift – if you have more clients to see, you can sign up for multitple shifts.


The monthly rate is $195.00 for each shift of 6 hour/week, every week (this works out to $8.33/hour). If your rates are at least $50/session, 4 clients a month will cover the cost – that’s only one a week!¬†Take a look at everything that’s included.

We’ve priced these rooms competitively to help healing professionals like massage therapists and acupuncturists shape their practices for flexibility and growth.¬† Looking to expand your practice to a new geographic area, but don’t want to take on the overhead of a full or half-time workspace? Thinking you’d like to consolidate your work schedule to have more time available for other important aspects of your life? Shared workspaces are a great answer to these desires, and we’re onboard to help you achieve them.

Licensing and Insurance Requirements

We require you to have a California state license for your profession, and to obtain liability insurance and a Contra Costa County business licence. (Note to CMTs: Contra Costa County requires only a California State Massage license – no additional exams or permits are required.)

Check out what’s currently available, or contact us today to see the rooms in person – 925-788-3595 or